27/02/2016 12:40 AM IST | Updated 01/03/2016 8:40 PM IST

There's A Reason Your Coffee Filter Never Fits Quite Right

How did we not know this?!

Anyone who uses cone coffee filters has at one point wondered why the filters are ever-so-slightly irritatingly big for their coffee machine.

No matter how much you try to make them fit, they stick up out of the machine and you can't shut the top without crumpling the filter.

Look familiar?

Rebecca Shapiro
The worst.

Apparently we've been ignoring the most important part of coffee filters. Take a look at the photo below. Notice how two edges have those weird, textured lines?

Rebecca Shapiro
Oh look, a regular old coffee filter.

Apparently they mean something VERY important, if you are detail-oriented enough to read the side of the coffee filter box (hint: we're not).

Rebecca Shapiro
Are you JOKING?

The answer to one of life's most pesky problems has been in front of our faces forever. You're supposed to fold those edges so that the filter actually fits in your coffee maker.

Rebecca Shapiro
The edges look like that for a reason!

According to the box, which we have now read extensively, the "double crimped" edges are there for extra support so the filter doesn't burst while it brews your coffee. Folding the sides makes your filter more durable and BONUS: it makes the filter actually fit into the coffee maker.

It's seriously THAT easy. Prepare for the most satisfying moment of your life.

Rebecca Shapiro
And exhale.

Happy brewing!

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