24/01/2020 10:08 AM IST

In Madhya Pradesh 76 Muslim BJP Members Quit Over CAA

In the second wave of such resignations in Madhya Pradesh in a month, the BJP workers said that the party had made it "more and more difficult for us".

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Even as Home Minister Amit Shah has said that the Narendra Modi won’t “budge an inch” on the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act, 76 Muslim BJP workers quit on Thursday. 

The Indian Express reported that Muslim BJP workers from Indore, Dewas and Khargone districts of Madhya Pradesh, some of them office-bearers of its minority cells, quit in a mass resignation announced in a press conference in Indore. 

This is the second wave of such resignations amid continuous and massive protests across the country against the CAA. Party leaders, including Shah and Modi, have remained dismissive of the protests mostly led by students, claiming they were being manipulated by Opposition parties. 

The Indian Express report quoted Rajik Qureshi Farshiwala as saying, “Only we know how difficult it is for us to get our community members to vote for the BJP and we do everything to persuade them, but if the BJP keeps talking about contentious issues like these, it will become more and more difficult for us.” 

Farshiwala said more contentious issues like the Common Civil Code were in the pipeline. 

Earlier this month 48 BJP minority cell workers in Bhopal quit over the CAA and the NRC. 

The Hindu had reported that the members including the state media in-charge, spokesperson and district ministers left the party because senior BJP leaders ignored their complaints about offensive remarks made against Muslims. 

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The party members had alleged that they were also kept away from the door-to-door campaign the BJP has begun to “create awareness” about the CAA. 

The Hindu quoted Adil Khan, who was the Bhopal district minority cell vice-president, as saying, “Have you ever seen a government passing a law in Parliament, and then going from door to door seeking support for it? This shows the party is aware it has committed a wrong.”