28/10/2015 4:30 PM IST

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes You'll Ever Make

Because one is not enough.

Half Baked Harvest, Averie Cooks

It's always a good time for chocolate cake. You don't need to wait for a holiday or birthday to have an excuse to bake one up. Chocolate cake has the ability to make so many people happy -- the cake lover, the chocoholic, the sweet tooth -- that it will never lead you astray. Choosing to bake chocolate instead of vanilla is easy, but deciding which chocolate cake recipe to bake is when it gets tricky. 

We love how versatile chocolate cake recipes can be. You can make chocolate cake deep, dark and dense when you're in serious need of chocolate, or one that's light and airy when something more delicate is required. We found 20 great options for you to try -- it's up to you to decide which one. 

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