28/12/2019 9:25 PM IST | Updated 28/12/2019 9:27 PM IST

CAA: Priyanka Gandhi Manhandled By UP Police On Way To Activist's Home

The Congress leader then hitched a ride on a scooter to visit the retired IPS officer's residence and met his kin.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Lucknow police officials grabbed and pushed Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in a bid to prevent her from visiting the house of 76-year-old SR Darapuri, a retired IPS officer who has been arrested for opposing the BJP government’s communally divisive Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

“The UP police stopped me while I was going to meet Darapuriji’s family. They grabbed me by the neck and manhandled me. They then surrounded me while I was going on a party worker’s two-wheeler, after which I walked to reach there,” ANI quoted Gandhi as saying.


In an interview to PTI, Gandhi said, “I was surrounded by women policemen, and one of them held me by my throat. Another woman cop pushed me and I fell down. I was forcibly stopped and a woman officer pulled me up by my neck. But I was determined. I am standing with every citizen who has faced police oppression. This is my satyagraha.”

Here’s a video of Gandhi hitching a ride on a party worker’s scooter.


Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi amped up his criticism against the CAA in Assam, terming the exercises “notebandi no. 2” and warning that they will be more disastrous than demonetisation.

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