Buying Guide: Finding The Best Deck Chairs For Your Home (PHOTOS)

Without a doubt, one of the most essential furniture pieces for outdoor lounging is a comfortable deck chair. And, over the years, the deck chair has come to include a wider selection of designs, from colorful slingback seats to larger adirondack styles (some even recline). Lounger-like deck chairs make relaxing seats by a pool, while foldable and stackable ones can serve as extra garden chairs in a more traditional backyard.

Although the style of your deck chair depends on your personal preference and your backyard, there are a few very general things you should keep in mind when you're shopping for one. We break down these basics for you here.

Popular material choice. The most common material choice for deck chairs is resin/plastic. These pieces are usually stackable and the most cost-effective. They're also durable and easy-to-clean, but they're meant for more seasonal usage, meaning they should be stashed away during the colder months. If the deck chair comes with slings or canvas backing, check to make sure that the outdoor material, such as durable canvas or weather-proofed fabric.

Consider heavier, long-term materials. Natural weather-resistant woods like teak are more expensive but are a better long-term investment because they actually develop a pretty patina over time. The same goes for certain unfinished cast metals like steel, which acquire a nice sheen after they have been left out for a while. Another tip: While iron does rust easily, unfinished aluminum does not.

Think finishes. While teak and certain certain metals can hold up in all weather, most outdoor seating should come with weather- and rust-resistant finishes. Woods such as natural solid maple need to be protected with a water-repellent, wood preservative as they can warp and crack over time. Similarly, painted or colored metal pieces should have a powder-coated finish for protection from the elements.

Maintenance and care. Whether your deck chair is made of wood or metal or plastic, they should be stowed away during the fall and winter and brought back into the garden in the warmer seasons. If wood or plastic chairs have been left out, dirt has likely accumulated. To clean: Spray chairs down with a garden hose, wash with a mild detergent and let dry in sunlight. For rusted metal pieces made from iron, unfortunately, you'll have to sand off the rust and then clean it with a mild detergent and water.

Check out the slideshow below for our picks from the marketplace. And, let us know in comments below what else you look for in deck chairs and if there's a style you like best.

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