10/02/2014 7:24 PM IST | Updated 11/02/2014 12:29 AM IST

30 French Foods That Are Better Than A Burger

France, the home of haute cuisine, has a new food obsession that you've probably heard about: the humble hamburger. According to a study released by Gira Conseil, the country downed a staggering 970 million hamburgers last year. Nearly half of all sandwiches sold were hamburgers. What happened to the baguette?

Seventy-five percent of traditional French restaurants now offer at least one kind of burger. More depressing is the fact most burgers are sold from one of France's 1,300 McDonald's.

We're all for a good burger. Don't get us wrong. A big, juicy patty sandwiched between a buttery bun, oozing with cheese or caramelized onions -- we're in favor, trust us. The wonderful and vast world of French cuisine, however, is not to be underrated, and certainly not be overtaken by a single comfort food. Here are 30 French foods that are better than a burger:

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French Foods That Are Better Than A Burger
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