11/02/2019 12:04 PM IST

Trump Supporters Form Human ‘Wall’ Along U.S.-Mexico Border

The demonstration comes ahead of the US president's planned visit to El Paso on Monday.

Supporters of US President Donald Trump’s proposed border security measures gathered to form a human “wall” along a section of the U.S.-Mexico border in New Mexico on Saturday.

Donning “Make America great again” hats, chanting “build a wall” and waving American flags, the demonstrators linked arms near an open section of the border at Sunland Park, northwest of El Paso

The protesters gathered near an open section of the U.S.-Mexico border in Sunland Park, New Mexico.
The protest comes ahead of President Donald Trump's planned visit Monday to nearby El Paso.

One of the protesters, Anthony Aguero, told Reuters that migrants would “have to find somewhere else” to cross into the U.S.

“We are here to bring attention to the fact that there isn’t a wall here,” he said.

Waving U.S. flags, the protesters chanted, "Build a wall."
Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters

The demonstration comes ahead of the president’s visit Monday to El Paso, a Texas city he has falsely claimed was one of the nation’s most dangerous prior to the construction of a border barrier in last week’s State of the Union address. 

In reality, El Paso has been listed as one of the safest cities in America for the past 20 years, and construction of the border barrier didn’t start until 2008.