26/12/2018 5:30 PM IST | Updated 26/12/2018 6:22 PM IST

BJP Leader Assaults Differently Abled Man Who Spoke Against Modi And Yogi

Mohammad Miya, a BJP leader in UP, repeatedly poked a differently abled man with a stick.

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A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, has assaulted a differently abled man who was criticizing the BJP and expressing support for Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav. 

In a widely circulated video, Mohammad Miya, the BJP leader, is seen hitting the man, 22-year-old Manoj Gujjar, and repeatedly poking his face with a stick. Miya is also seen shoving the stick near the man’s mouth. 

The incident took place outside the Sambhal sub-divisional magistrate’s office on Monday evening

Gujjar was reportedly criticizing the polices of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while chanting pro-SP slogans. Miya reportedly brought out the stick from his vehicle. 

While walking away, Gujjar shouts, “Vote denge, Akhilesh ko.” (Will vote for Akhilesh). Miya responds, “Haan denge vote. Hut.” (Yes, go vote, get out).


Speaking to ANI, Miya said, “He was abusing Modi ji and Yogi ji, I tried to first explain things, he was drunk, it was a conspiracy to malign BJP. I was just trying to make him leave the place. I didn’t shove stick in his mouth.”

Various news outlets have reported that the local police in the BJP-ruled UP jailed the differently abled man. 

Hindustan reported the local police arrested the man for breach of peace. The Times of India reported that it was the SDM, Dipendar Yadav, who ordered his arrest and sent him to jail.

Sambhal superintendent of police Yamuna Prasad told TOI, “During the preliminary investigation it was found that Mian had criminal antecedents and is a known history sheeter at Asmoli police station. Gujjar has been sent to jail because the incident took place inside the collectorate. We have ordered the additional SP to take cognizance of the matter, after watching the video, but no family member of the victim has visited the police station so far.”

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