02/02/2019 1:05 PM IST | Updated 20/05/2019 11:45 AM IST

BJP Can Instigate Riots, Says Ally In UP Govt

Yogi and his ministers took a holy dip in the Ganga to wash off their sins, the cabinet minister and BJP ally also said.

Yogi Adityanath and his ministers took a holy dip in the Ganga to wash off their sins, the cabinet minister and BJP ally said. 

Uttar Pradesh minister Om Prakash Rajbhar, who heads the BJP ally SBSP, Friday claimed that a US agency has warned that the saffron party could instigate riots.

The minister was apparently referring to reported remarks by US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats on an assessment by intelligence agencies on threats worldwide.

According to reports, Coats said there was a possibility of communal violence if the BJP stresses on nationalist themes .

But Rajbhar was more direct, claiming, “An American agency, in its secret report, has said that BJP can instigate riots... riots can take place in India. 

I am telling you not to fight in the name of Hindus and Muslims. It is only the common people who die in riots and not the leaders,” he said at a public meeting in Saidpura village of Bansdih area.

In an apparent reference to a meeting of seers at the Kumbh Mela recently, he said, “They are in the mood for riots now. They can start riots on February 21. 

“Remain vigilant as these are dangerous people. We want all to live peacefully and in amity in the country. They can do anything for votes,” the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party chief said.

The seers had announced a march to Ayodhya to ceremoniously begin the construction of a Ram temple at the disputed site there.

The backward classes welfare minister had recently stayed away from a UP Cabinet meeting at Kumbh, complaining that the issues raised by him were being ignored . 

Reports stated that the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his ministerial colleagues took a dip in the Sangam on Tuesday after holding a cabinet meeting in Allahabad.

“The ministers in the Yogi Adityanath government had gone for a holy dip at the Sangam on Tuesday for washing their sins. Going back on promises made to the public is also a sin and the ministers have tried to wash it through a dip in the Sangam,” Rajbhar said, according to this report.