31/05/2020 8:52 AM IST

5 Dog Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Day Much Better

The goodest doggos on the internet.

Fly_dragonfly via Getty Images

Intense tail wags, sloppy boops and unconditional attention — dogs are usually adorable, happy and have no qualms about expressing that to their hoomans, or any hooman for that matter. The joy expressed by a dog when you show even them even a smidge of affection can instantly lift your mood.

So, if you’re someone struggling to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety engendered by the Covid-19 pandemic, dogs are perhaps the best way to cheer yourself up.  

If you don’t have a pet or friendly strays around you to shower love on, dog Instagram can be a happy bubble for you to step into. Here are adorable dog accounts that will cheer you up. (and if you’re more of a cat person, we have you covered too).

The Dogist

The ‘about’ section of the website for The Dogist says it wants to create “a happy place on the internet for dog lovers”. And it indeed is. The Instagram account is full of aesthetically taken portraits of dogs and puppies that will bring joy to your heart. It’s puppy eyes galore as all the portraits capture the dogs looking directly into the camera and have the power to melt your heart. And all the dogs are identified by their name and a quote about their personality. 

Dogs of Instagram 

This account brings together all the fluffpots of Instagram. The videos and photos capture them in their natural habitats doing their day’s doggo work. On this account you will find them sleeping, eating, skateboarding and even singing “happy birthday to woof”. 

We Rate Dogs 

Humans send in photo of their doggos here and they are rated accordingly. Don’t worry—on a total of 10, most doggos score around 12 or 13, highlighting how good they really are. You will find some of them proudly shooting rainbows from their heads, some who have the super power of biting everything and a couple bogged down by the pandemic (and even they are cute). 


This account curates doggos being goofballs with their hoomans. From this very unimpressed husky to a twerking golden retriever, this account will have you in splits. They also have a sister account called Meowed for their feline friends. 

Doggos doing things 

If you don’t know this already, other than napping or playing fetch with you, dogs lead very busy lives. They don’t always have you keeping company at home, do they? This Instagram account does a great job of documenting what dogs do every day, like sunbathing in the balcony, riding a horse, eating the trash, or even watching their first rains, rapt.

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