12/09/2016 11:34 PM IST | Updated 13/09/2016 3:28 AM IST

Athletic Performance Enhancement with PEMF Therapy


Within 3 days of completing the first EarthPulse PEMF device prototype, the 45 y.o. inventor’s  endurance workout (performed to muscle failure) was extended by 15%. After sleeping upon the device for three more weeks while traveling (with no workouts in between) it was up another 15%.  Read performance enhancement testimonial letters from athletic professionals.

  • 1 year after beginning PEMF Therapy during sleep (on most nights), his BOWFLEX™ workouts areup over 90% from baseline since one year ago and body weight is down 3%.
  • His substantially damaged rotator cuff (17 year old nagging injury), has no more snapping, popping, cracking sounds emanating from shoulder; nor is he awaking from sleep with shooting pain (lack of sound coming from the shoulder is remarkable, as this is evidence of tissue regeneration which is supported in scientific literature).
  • There were no changes in his diet or supplementation. He took glucosamine / chondroitin / borage oil and natural anti inflammatories for the shoulder since 1990 and has nearly discontinued their use recently as he says, “the (lack of) pain doesn’t remind me to take my joint supplements anymore”.
  • His intermittent back, neck, hip, scapula pain incidence reduced by at least 85-90%.
  • Intermittent balance “issue” corrected
  • Intermittent but fairly regular “muscle twitch” corrected
  • His driving performance on highway without weaving within lanes vastly improved; driving while adjusting radio or reading maps, etc. (what he calls “auto-pilot” or “auto-gyroscope”) vastly improved; much less stress driving in crowded highway conditions.
  • Being an avid surfer and claims his timing and coordination were also substantially improved after one PEMF brainwave entrainment session and has remained so with regular nighttime magnetic supplementation.
  • He has confirmed this motor / balance / coordination improvement with several other ‘older’ surfers

Implications for those in professional sports are REMARKABLE!

Last year, inventor's short surf sessions "would result in substantial shoulder and hip pain for 2-3 days or more depending upon size of surf and consistency of surf and temperature of the water". Surfing more than three days in a row has been impossible since 1986. He now reports "currently 3 hour surf sessions are participated in regularly for up to 5 days in a row resulting in negligible pain in shoulder, hip, back, neck, scapula; even in large, cold California surf".

See video testimonial of 54 y.o. surfer/diver who claims reduction in pain over 90%.  Visit the EarthPulse PEMF Youtube Channel and see scores of other astonishing human performance enhancement video testimonials and case studies.

Recently, a 28 y.o. Sydney 2000 games Olympian (who hit one of longest Olympic home runs EVER at 460+ feet during Italia vs. S.Korea, Sydney 2000 Games) reported significantly improved hand/eye coordination after one 20 minute PEMF Therapybrain wave entrainment session performed in between batting cage sessions.

  • His heavy bench press set increased from one set of 5 X 275 lbs, to 2 sets of 5 X 305 lbs; after sleeping with device under mattress for just 4 days!
  • He had never broken the 300 lb. barrier in his life and pushed it for 10 reps (total) after just 4 days magnetic field supplementation
  • His sleep quality greatly improved
  • His post workout recovery vastly improved
  • He tells that his dogs were attracted to it (we know animals love PEMF devices such as the Earthpulse as they ARE attracted to it, and they respond well as seen in substantially improved movement characteristics in old/very-old pets. No placebo effects there.
  • He noted immediate 'auto pilot' improvements while driving automobile home from batting cages on day one.

So far, the single best sports performance enhancement has been by a 48 y.o. strength and conditioning coach in California who is currently 4 months into PEMF Therapy for performance enhancement during his 6 month strength training cycle.

  • His one-arm dumbbell press increased from 12 X 65 lbs. to 17 X 70 lbs, after 7 nights of PEMF therapy usage during sleep
  • A whopping 52% increase in total pounds moved before muscle failure after 7 nights!
  • He reports body weight is 7 lbs lighter than last year but that he has already surpassed last years peak strength performance with more than 2 months of strength training to go in this cycle.
  • He is presently doing two-arm dumbbell press at  3 sets X  7  X  90 lbs.
  • He also reports nagging shoulder, ankle, knee issues are far less troublesome.
  • Ulnar (elbow) injury which resulted in pain and inability to 'lift heavy' for 8 months and prevented him from doing rope climb and which did not respond to various modalities including ultrasound, far infrared, acupuncture, heat/cold, and massage
  • PEMF Therapy substantially reduced discomfort within hours; now after nearly 4 months there is almost complete resolution of elbow issue simply by sleeping upon the magnetic mattress embodiment with very little direct application for recovery after end of week 2.
  • His sleep quality substantially improved
  • His wife's migraine frequency substantially reduced since PEMF therapy device EarthPulse was added to their bed; and her sleep quality improved
  • By arranging coil under center of mattress two persons side by side may receive identical PEMF therapy effect
  • Depending upon the biological needs, two persons side by side may experience two completely different sets of beneficial responses.

What would you do to your competition with at least 10% more strength and stamina, and greatly enhanced recovery?