05/06/2019 12:57 PM IST

Assam Police Found A LOT Of Weed, So Twitter Is Helping Them Figure Out What To Do

The Assam police tweeted a photo of their stash with a sinister wink emoji.

Twitter users are loving the photo of a giant stash of cannabis posted by the Assam Police on Tuesday.

The police apparently nabbed a truck carrying 590 kilograms of cannabis!

Their Twitter account sent out a reassuring tweet: “Don’t panic, we found it. Please get in touch with @Dhubri_Police. They will help you out, for sure ;)”

Who knew the wink emoji could seem so sinister!

Several Twitter users appreciated the police force’s sense of humour.

Some others had their eye on the prize and were just looking to score.

Others had a warning for those going to claim the stash. 

But this person offered a workaround that seemed to hinge on throwing his friend under the bus.

People floated profit-making schemes.

This person urged the Kerala Police to take heed from its Assam counterpart. 

But another user was more realistic about what would actually happen to the stock.

Keep us posted, Assam Police 😬.