27/08/2019 4:15 PM IST

Assam BJP Leader Claims Cows Produce More Milk When A Flute Is Played In 'Lord Krishna Style'

BJP's Dilip Kumar Paul also claimed that Indian cows produced the best milk.

Dilip Kumar Paul/Facebook

BJP leaders are known for their special love of cows — with many of them making bizarre claims about the animal. Now we have another one of these claims. Assam BJP leader Dilip Kumar Paul on Sunday said that it was scientifically proven that cows give more milk when a flute is played around them in “Lord Krishna style”. 

The Indian Express quoted Paul as saying, “It has been proven by modern scientists that if we can play the flute in a special tune, which Lord Krishna used to do, the amount of milk increases multiple times.”

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According to the report, he was planning to bring this “science of ancient times” to modern times. 

He also allegedly claimed that Indian cows produced the best milk. Hindustan Times quoted Paul as saying, “Unlike milk from foreign breeds which give pure white milk, the quality of milk of Indian cows, which is light yellow in colour is much tastier and healthier. Products like cheese, butter, made from milk of Indian cows are also better than those of foreign breeds.”

This comes months after BJP’s Pragya Thakur had claimed that cow urine helped her cure her cancer. It later came to light that Thakur had had multiple surgeries for an aggressive form of Stage 1 breast cancer. 

The list of BJP’s claims of cow superpowers doesn’t end here. In 2017, a BJP minister in Rajasthan had claimed that cow both inhale and exhale oxygen, and that they were the only animals to do so. Was that true? Nope!

The RSS, the parent organisation of the BJP, have in the past claimed that cow dung was good for your skin, could be used to defuse atom bombs, and even protect human beings from exposure to radiation. 

Meanwhile, Assam’s Paul for known his absurd remarks. According to The Indian Express report, he caused controversy last year when he made misogynist remarks about then Silchar MP and president of All India Mahila Congress Sushmita Dev. He derided Dev for not being married and called her the “Kalank of Silchar”.