iPod touch packaging
Tushar Kanwar
iPod touch packaging
08/07/2019 10:39 PM IST

Apple iPod touch 2019 Review—Why Would You Buy This In 2019?

Anything that this can do, a recent iPhone can do better. But there are some scenarios where the iPod touch still makes more sense than a full-fledged smartphone.

An updated iPod touch in 2019… Was this Apple doing a ten-year challenge for a product that time forgot? The last hardware update that the iPod received was in 2015, so we were a little curious about what the new iPod touch was all about.

Poking around the wee-sized device triggered a lot of nostalgia, and also there’s the expected hardware bump in the seventh generation of Apple’s touchscreen music player. But who is the prospective buyer on an all-new iPod touch? Read on to find out.

What exactly has changed in the 7th generation iPod touch?

Pull it out of its packaging, and everything about the iPod touch is pure, retro Apple. The home button doesn’t include Touch ID, and there’s no facial recognition either, so you have to enter your code every time you unlock the device. It has a 4-inch throwback display, a 3.5-mm headphone jack, and the same form factor as the last generation weighing just 88 grams and just 6.1mm thick! The first change you’ll notice is that it shares the lightning port of modern iPhones.

Tushar Kanwar
The new iPod touch doesn't have fingerprint or face recognition.

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Inside, it’s got a new 256GB storage variant, and it’s also gotten a bump up to the A10 processor, which it shares with the iPhone 7. This allows the new iPod touch to run iOS 12 snappily and it holds up just fine for daily use. Crucially, the chip also allows support for the upcoming iOS 13, which the previous generation iPod touch will not.

The new hardware also enables Group FaceTime for up to 32 participants, and Augmented Reality apps. In the years that have passed though, the standard for screens has grown a lot, and the iPod touch feels cramped. 

Why would you buy an iPod touch 2019?

You’ve got to be thinking – why would anyone spend their money on an iPod touch in 2019? This isn’t a device for today’s Apple enthusiasts, because anything this can do, a moderately recent iPhone can do better.

However, an iPhone or an Android with calling capabilities and messaging might not be appropriate for the kid in the house, but a gadget that plays casual games and music makes a lot more sense. It’s light and far easier to manage for smaller hands than a Nintendo Switch or one of the larger phones of today.

Tushar Kanwar
The 7th generation iPod touch could be a great gaming machine for kids.

With Apple Arcade (Apple’s upcoming gaming subscription service) due to the hit later this year, the iPod touch sounds like a great choice for mobile gaming enthusiasts, even if they’re using Android phones, to try out the service. On the iPod touch, which only has Wi-Fi for data connectivity, Apple Arcade’s games will be playable offline, so you won’t need to be connected while playing on the metro on the way to work. The nice bit to note is that Apple Arcade games don’t include any in-game purchase, so you’re safe from credit card charges even if you hand this to your kid. 

The smaller dimensions also make the iPod touch pretty handy for running or cardio—you hardly feel the weight of the touch in a pocket or armband, plus there are no phone calls to disturb you during your workout! A good old headphone jack means you can hook up your high-quality wired headphones and play all those original quality FLAC files in all their sweet, uncompressed glory.

Tushar Kanwar
Unlike every new iPhone, the new iPod touch comes with a 3.5mm jack for earphones, although it uses a lightning port for charging.


The raison d’être for the iPod touch really is to be Apple’s entry level device, one that can run all of Apple’s services at a reasonable price. It has a completely separate pitch for enterprises and developers who can run their POS apps or test their new apps, so there’s that as well. So, while the iPod touch may seem out of place in Apple’s lineup, it could potentially bring on board a whole new set of use cases that appeal to a wide variety of users. 

The new iPod touch is available in space grey, white, gold, blue, red and pink and starts at Rs. 18,900 for the 32GB model, with the 128GB and 256GB models retailing for Rs. 28,900 and Rs. 38,900 respectively.