25/04/2019 5:43 PM IST

Amy Poehler Wants To Know When Women Will Get To Be As Mediocre As Men

"Do we have to always be patient, special, nurturing, adaptable?” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

Mike Coppola/VF19 via Getty Images
Amy Poehler gave an exclusive interview to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of her directorial debut, “Wine Country,” hitting theaters.

Amy Poehler wants women to be allowed to be as “messy” and “mediocre” as men. 

“Women are constantly criticized for being too emotional,” the comedian and actor told The Hollywood Reporter in a feature published Wednesday. “Can we be allowed to be as messy, as all over the place, as inconsistent and as mediocre as men? Do we have to always be patient, special, nurturing, adaptable?”

Poehler, whose directorial debut, “Wine Country,” hits Netflix next month, added that she is sick of women having to explain the bad behavior of men like fellow comedian Louis C.K., whom several women have accused of sexual misconduct.

“Women seem to be, unfortunately, the ones that have to have the answers,” she said. “Whether or not we want to be the ones with the answers.”

Head over to The Hollywood Reporter to read Poehler’s full interview. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article indicated “Wine Country” would be showing in theaters. It will debut on Netflix.