03/06/2019 11:32 AM IST

Ali Wong: Keanu Reeves Isn't Like His Jerk 'Always Be My Maybe' Character

He technically plays himself in the Netflix rom-com, but Wong says the real Reeves is a much nicer guy.

Keanu Reeves may play somewhat of a jerk in “Always Be My Maybe,” but he definitely doesn’t seem to be one in real life.

Ali Wong, who co-wrote and stars in the Netflix rom-com, felt the need to clarify that the real-life Reeves isn’t too similar to the bizarro version of himself that he plays in the movie.

“He’s a funny, sweet, professional guy who’s really, like, about the work,” Wong told People. “And so much so that it wasn’t intimidating. He was very approachable.”

Wong ― who previously joked that she only made the movie so she’d get to kiss Reeves and fellow co-star Daniel Dae Kim ― also told People that it was “really important” that all of her love interests be Asian American men.

That led to a star-studded lineup including Randall Park, Kim and, of course, Reeves.

Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP
Randall Park, Ali Wong, Daniel Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves at the premiere of "Always Be My Maybe" in Los Angeles.

Wong revealed to Rolling Stone in an interview published Saturday that when she and director Nahnatchka Khan first met with Reeves to discuss his role, he blew her away with this encyclopedic knowledge of the film.

“I was shocked at how detail-oriented he was about the script,” Wong told Rolling Stone. “He was like, ‘I have a question about page 80.’ I was like, ‘I don’t even know what’s on page 80.’”

We hope her comments don’t make Reeves squirm too much.