23/10/2019 10:46 AM IST

'Enlargement Of P Chidambaram': Congress MP Adhir Chowdhury's Tweet Leaves People Baffled

Adhir Chowdhury took to Twitter to express his feelings after P Chidambaram was granted bail by the Supreme Court in the INX Media case.

Getty Images/Twitter

Congress leader Adhir Chowdhury was really happy that former finance minister P Chidambaram was granted bail by the Supreme Court in the INX Media case. He took to Twitter to express his feelings, but his tweet just left people scratching their heads. 

Chowdhury, the Congress’s leader in the Lok Sabha, said in his tweet: “Enlargement of P Chidambaram ji has eloquently proved that at the end of the day truth prevails upon, he is iŕresistible.”

Was this the evil deed of autocorrect? Or the handywork of Google translate? We will never know. But Twitter users promptly gathered to decipher what this meant. 

And of course Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, whose tweets also confuse people because of his tendency to use little-known words, was brought into the conversation. 

This good samaritan even offered to be his social media manager. 

Chowdhury is not new to courting controversies. In June, after he apparently compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a “gandi naali (dirty drain)”, he had to clarify his remark, saying he did not mean it. 

“It is a misunderstanding, I didn’t say ‘naali’, if PM is upset with it I’m sorry. I had no intention to hurt him. If PM is hurt I’ll personally apologise to him. My hindi is not good, by ‘naali’ I meant channel,” Chowdhury had said. 

The Congress leader had also courted controversy recently after asking Home Minister Amit Shah how Kashmir was an ’internal issue’ if “United Nations is monitoring it since 1948”.