04/05/2019 12:29 PM IST | Updated 10/05/2019 1:21 PM IST

Actor Siddharth Expertly Trolled Akshay Kumar Over His Canadian Citizenship Tweet

Shots fired.


The past few days have seen a lot of interest over Akshay Kumar’s ambiguous citizenship status given that he was nowhere to be found when Mumbai went to vote. 

While Kumar, patriot-in-chief of Bollywood, had said his Canadian citizenship was purely ‘honorary,’ a report by Pinkvilla found that to be untrue, forcing Kumar to release a statement.

Admitting that he indeed is a Canadian citizen, Kumar put out the following statement and people doubled down on the criticism given that he had only recently interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Actor Siddharth, a vocal critic of the BJP government and majoritarian politics, wasted no time in drafting a not-so-sly tweet aimed at Kumar.

Check it out here: