29/07/2016 12:48 PM IST | Updated 29/07/2016 12:48 PM IST

5 benefits of online B2B marketplace for any business

Mayor Kaminis

The Internet contributes immensely to a business’ growth and its outreach. As a matter of fact, it has completely revolutionized the way clients perceive a business of any particular kind. In this modern age of globalization, your online presence determines the amount of clientele you’ll build. Subsequently, it drives the results.

In late 90s web portal was more of a web IT buzzword and ever since it has brought nothing but prosperity to countless businesses. Here are 5 benefits of online portals/B2B marketplace for business owners.

Proffers you with a huge authentic clienteleYour clientele determines the value of the business and online portals drive umpteen potential buyers and suppliers to your doorstep, hence helps you build a robust base of clients that you can contact directly. The list can entail industrialists, traders, brokers, drop shippers and wholesalers, and the best part – this list can be integrated from ‘locally’ to ‘globally’.

Online B2B marketplaces can help you a great deal by expanding your outreach to the potential costumers. Supposedly you’re a real estate builder like Supertech or DLF, who’s looking to promote his newly constructed residential site in suburbs – All you’ve to do is register with online real estate portals such as and you’ll find yourself amidst of inquiries for quotations and bookings. In addition to this, the lists available on these portals are generally verified and authentic. So you can always trust them over the random listings posted by unreliable sources.

Advertises your brand beyond any constraints - Advertising your brand over the internet is not a new concept but at the same time if you’ve to channelize your sales in the stiff competitive market – improvisation is quite necessary. Dingemanse B.V., a Netherlands-based company has over 600 commercial vehicles. As many other companies, Dingemanse expanded the use of the internet for a marketing means. It’s quite obvious that after a certain point of promotion of the website the saturation point is reached and in order to outreach more people substantial human and financial resources are required.

Acknowledging the same Dingemanse began cooperation with professional online aggregators, dedicated to commercial (used) vehicles advertising on the Internet. The European economy is huge and commercial vehicle market has always been a substantial part of it. Speaking specifically about commercial vehicles, used vehicles have always been in good demand, as there is always a buyer for any age of the vehicle, as these machines can work long years with proper maintenance. As a truck dealer, all you have to do is to know and understand your market, prices and set up efficient marketing channels to sell vehicles fast. has been putting in its best efforts to make the commercial market ergonomic in nature. Distinctive in a focused specialization, 21 language versions, automatic stock copying from other resources and other technologies, used in the 21st century to advance international online trade Truck1 helps you by proffering a robust platform to customers and buyers.

Allows you to substantially automate your sales – Often it happens that when your ‘clientele’ or say a database of potential buyers and suppliers grows exponentially you feel overwhelmed by the opportunities at your disposal. And this can prove to be unhealthy for your business, for instance, you might find it a little difficult to identify and approach the right customers or targeted audience.

That’s when online portals come in the picture – they enable you to automate your sales procedure. Not only can you configure particular keyword alerts to receive instant notifications regarding recent activities of a buyer and supplier that can positively affect your business but it will considerably eliminate all the unessential leads that are irrelevant to your business and will help you concentrate on the opportunities with the maximum possibility of success.

Ensures high Return on Investments – I assume I’ve your complete attention now. Well unless you happen to be the best selling brand in your industry that needs no introduction, it is advisable to invest in B2B marketing. You can avail memberships to showcase your products online. The membership fee will cost you a few hundred bucks annually depending on the nature of the particular industry you’re in. Being a member you gain exclusive access to the verified list of potential buyers, sellers and other traders in the same line of business with several other features that simplify online trading.

Initially, you might be a bit skeptical regarding the results but once you compare this investment with the capital costs involved in other forms of business development activities with respect to the RoI they generate – you’ll be amazed to see the staggering difference. These online portals not only allow you to save a plenty of money annually but also broaden your viewpoint on the target audience and their needs. Because only by the virtue of quality enriched products and services can you produce massive gains in your business and that requires customer satisfaction.

Provides explicit information about the products – This is something that has spiked up the need for online portals and B2B marketing more than ever. When a potential customer surfs the net in order to find the product that will set right by his needs – he is particularly looking for the genuine data, precise description, and most importantly complete information. If you, as a business owner are able to comprehend this and successfully provide your customers with a suitable description – you’re more likely to succeed. is one such portal in fitness industry – it sells different kinds of fitness supplements and products. The products or the supplements whose description column are well maintained and are systematically written will be amongst the best sellers, vice versa too! And the margin by which the products with apt description make their sales is significant.

Online B2B portals provide the customer with so many attributes and features on the same platform – why will a customer ever feel to scroll up and down on the internet? Think about it. The bottom-line is if you’re willing to expand your outreach and grow your business, registering yourself with an online portal that is dedicated specifically to your line of business is a smart move.