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3 Market Trends You Need to Know About Now

It's always a good time to make money. The only problem is, you need to know what markets are doing well right now. When you know where a market is headed, you'll make much better trading decisions.

It's always a good time to make money.

The only problem is, you need to know what markets are doing well right now.

When you know where a market is headed, you'll make much better trading decisions.

So if you've been clueless as to where you should put your money then don't worry because you're going to find out right about...


Actually, hold on a second. In the end I'm going to show you a way to trade in these markets with just $100.

Now let's dive right in.

1. Medical Technology

In general, the tech market is growing. Specifically, medical technology is currently valued at $148 billion and is expected to become a $155 billion market by 2017.

From Artificial Intelligence to Robots... tech implementation in the medical market is expected to increase in the coming years. In fact, here's a list with some of the stuff that's coming.

Just to give you a feel let me quickly mention a few details here:
  • You've got virtual reality which will be used by medical students to gain an experience on examining patients.
  • Digital contact lens patented by Google that will measure blood sugar from tears.
  • Food scanners that count calories, protein, carbs and presence of allergens.
Best of all, this is just the beginning!

Soon, the way people get treatment will change for the better and you can take part of it.

2. Ecommerce Logistics

With the super-fast growth of Amazon and the rest of the ecommerce market. It should come as no surprise that the ecommerce logistics market is growing as well. Companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and all other ecommerce logistic businesses should see a growth in the coming years as more people order stuff online.

Ecommerce has crossed the $1 trillion mark in 2013 and is expected to grow to over $2.4 trillion by 2018 - that's more than double in just 5 years.

Ecommerce logistic startups are emerging all the time and they're expected to grow with the growing market. There are over 110,000 ecommerce websites generating a meaningful amount of revenue and growing. All the time I hear about someone in my network planning to start an ecommerce business. And you know what they'll definitely need... logistics.

The market is expected to see a 9.69% growth by 2020 and to surpass $781 billion by 2024. A great time to invest in the ecommerce & ecommerce logistics market is now.

3. Commodities

For those who don't know, commodities are raw materials and agricultural products such as Gold, Oil, Silver, Gas, Iron, Sugar, Cotton, Salt, Coffee beans, copper, tea, platinum, rice, wheat, Corn, Cocoa and live cattle.

People have traded these for centuries, they are basic elements we need in our life. With the increasing population, the demand has only increased. As soon as the supply goes down, the price will shoot up. That means if a bad weather ever hits a certain crop such as coffee, then it's time to buy because the price is almost guaranteed to increase.

Also, if you see supply being the same but the population (demand) growing fast then prices will go up too.

Here are two basic equations of how prices go up and down:

Low supply + high demand = price increase

High supply + low demand = price decrease

There's never been a better time to invest in commodities. With the population growing at an average rate of 1.1% and estimated to reach 8 billion by 2024 - that's only 8 years from now.

More people need food and not enough people supplying it... price goes up. Supply is finding it hard to catch up with the demand and that's good news for you.

Easiest Way to Jump on These Opportunities

You could invest in startups in these markets, buy stocks from a broker or start your own business in those markets. But all these methods take time to give an ROI, require a bit of learning and not to forget... risky.

The fastest and easiest way to make money from these markets is to go the Opteck binary options trading route. It's easy to learn and quick to see a positive ROI. Plus, you can get started with just $100.

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