24 Truths About Office Life, As Told By The Lion King

You don't have to be furry to work here, but it helps.

1. When a co-worker suggests trying something new and you know full well it’s not going to work

2. When you’re asked for a report that you have been putting off for weeks

3. When you hear a juicy bit of office gossip and can’t resist sharing it with a few trusted colleagues

4. When you’re then hung out to dry by the office do-gooder who tells the bosses you were the source of said gossip

5. When you’re reunited with your work bestie after their week off

6. When your deskmates fail to get your humour

7. When you are praised in an all-company meeting

8. When a tight deadline is sprung on you with no notice

9. When someone who is the same level as you thinks they’re in charge

10. When you’re fighting it out with a colleague for promotion

11. When it feels like you are carrying the weight of the whole company on your shoulders alone

12. When you’re told you’ll need to present a 10-slide Powerpoint to the entire organisation

13. When your boss returns from holiday

14. When the contempt you have for your colleagues becomes too much

15. When you have to walk into the office on a Monday after post-work drinks the previous Friday

16. When you’re ready to fight the battle against the air-con

17. When the clock hits 5.30pm of a Friday

18. When someone mentions that guy from the sales team

19. When you deliver a piece of work that’s actually on time for once

20. When you hear your big bosses are coming into the office

21. When you let loose at the Christmas party

22. When you become increasing frustrated in a meeting full of people who don’t know what they’re talking about

23. When your boss sees you suggesting an idea as a slight on their competence as a manager

24. When you dream of one day becoming your own boss

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