28/01/2017 2:10 AM IST | Updated 28/01/2017 3:14 AM IST

Inside 21 Royal, Disneyland's New Hidden Dinner Experience That Costs $15,000

Up to 12 guests can enjoy a glam private party.

Disneyland Resort
21 Royal is a new hidden dinner experience in Disneyland, tucked away in the New Orleans Square area of the park.

Say goodbye to churros and pretzels: Disneyland has a new ultra-fancy dining space, and we’re already saving our pennies for a bite. 

Welcome to 21 Royal, a hidden wonderland tucked above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney’s original theme park in California. For one magically large fee of $15,000, guests can now reserve 21 Royal to host the private dinner party of their dreams. They’ll enjoy drinks, a seven-course dinner and dessert, all catered by Disneyland’s expert chefs and sommelier

The space ― marked only by a lone hanging sign in the New Orleans Square area ― is based off Walt and Lillian Disney’s plans for “a luxurious oasis in which to host celebrities and dignitaries,” according to its website.

Disneyland Resort
Guests are greeted in the parlor.
Disney Resort
Dining room decor is based on Walt Disney's original plans for a private hangout in the park.

A night at 21 Royal begins with an escort into the private dining area and cocktails in the salon. Guests are allowed to explore the space before dinner, and dessert is served on the balcony, sometimes with a view of the park’s fireworks

21 Royal can be booked for up to 12 guests. The $15,000 fee includes park admission for everyone, valet service and tip, a Disney spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.

Though it’s pricey, there’s no doubt Disney fans are already jumping at this experience: Our call for a reservation was met with recorded instructions to leave a message.

Guess we’ll have to make do with a churro for now.