17/06/2019 5:32 PM IST

18 Spot-On Tweets That Reveal What Marriage Is ACTUALLY Like

"25% of marriage is asking your spouse to bring you a new roll of toilet paper."

You might have this romantic notion that marriage is largely made up of date nights, long walks, weekend mornings spent reading in bed, fun getaways and cooking new recipes together. Sure, those things do happen occasionally ― but in reality, most of married life is a touch more mundane.

You’ll spend a lot more time arguing over the temperature on the thermostat, sitting in the car waiting for your spouse to come out, hiding your favorite snacks from each other and regularly informing your spouse that you did, in fact, clean the living room even though you can’t really tell right now. Hey, that’s marriage, baby! 

Below, the husbands and wives of Twitter boil down marriage into percentages. And though the math may not add up exactly, you can’t deny that these numbers feel pretty accurate.