05/02/2017 12:49 AM IST | Updated 07/02/2017 5:40 PM IST

Guilty Confessions Of A Woman Trekker

No 5. Guys with DSLRs are perfect travel companions…

Feng Wei Photography via Getty Images

You ain't no traveller if you haven't got bizarre tales and odd confessions in your travel diaries.

From eye-popping moments of awe to jaw-dropping hilarious incidents, a journey is composed of various small elements that make it unforgettable.

I have had my share of strange moments too. Here are some I accumulated while trekking in the mountains!

1. It's tough to pack light

Do you have any idea how hard it is to pack a bag "as light as possible" when you are actually planning to switch outfits at least twice a day? How on earth do I cut down on those accoutrements I have for every outfit? And how about chocolates, Volini, crepe bandages, Hajmola, wet wipes, medicines, tissue rolls, etc., etc., etc.?

2.No loo=gross, Loo= grosser

The biggest problem of a female in India, in general! No loos. It gets even worse when you are trekking. Holding the pee and the poop is gross, but what do we do? And what happens when you find a loo?

"Oh, look, there's a loo!"

*Steps inside and comes out immediately with a puke-face.*

Need I say more?

3. Pushing hand-sanitiser boundaries

Water is precious in places where you struggle to get a mouthful. Why waste?

Hand sanitiser is the holy drop of cleanliness. One drop signifies zero bacteria. So that implies I can poop, use toilet paper, rub a drop of hand sanitizer on my hands and start breaking bread. Whoopie!

Oops! Did I just make you uncomfortable?

4. Can somebody carry that bag while I still pretend I am strong enough to lug it?

"Listen, I am a strong woman and I don't want anyone to carry my luggage, but could you please carry it for a while (and not tell anyone)? Maybe we can exchange bags for a while; it will feel better!"

5. The guy with the DSLR, you are my best friend for the trip!

"Jesus Christ, that's a wonderful click! Would you mind clicking a picture of mine with that background? Oh, and let's be friends!"

Okay, so it's not like all we want from the guy are pictures, but men with cameras are a whole lot cooler than men without them! Ladies, do you agree?

6.It's okay to flirt

You really don't have to say, "Please don't take it the wrong way" when you flirt with us during the trek. It's okay! We will NOT take it the wrong way and neither should you!

Flirting is a good distraction to overlook the pain in your calves when you are hiking unbelievable heights.

7.Don't look at me when I wake up in the camp tent, please

I ain't no Aishwarya Rai. When I wake up, I am nowhere close to how I look when I step outside my house (or the tent in this case). So, please don't trespass into my camp tent—or else you might get a bit of a fright!


Having said all this, trekking is a beautiful experience. The fuss around travel is big for a reason(s).

The travel industry in India and across the globe has witnessed a surge in women travellers in the recent times.

On a serious note, with more and more women taking to the road, there needs to be more emphasis on safety and sanitation.

Only if we start making the travel industry realise that we make a major section of consumers for their services will there be steps taken to make us comfortable. Bottom line? Let's travel more, queen bees!

Got a weird travel story or confession? Share in the comments below and strike a conversation. It will be fun, I promise.