24/12/2014 8:02 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

How To Tell Your Child

Visage via Getty Images

Imagine the power to teach children about sexual abuse without teaching them about sex. If there was a way, more parents would, and more children would be safe.

Imagine the power of a prevention lesson that's fun and challenging for a child. If there was one, the lesson would become second nature to children and more children would be safe.

Imagine the power of a lesson that says "Bad things may happen, but get help, move on and live a beautiful life". If there was one, there would be fewer depressed children growing into depressed adults.

Well, there is such a lesson:

The lesson is a simple 7-minute animated video featuring Ms.P, the friendly pink dragon. She helps children identify the bad guys and teaches them simple visual vocabulary consisting of 5 alerts--See Alert, Talk Alert, Touch Alert, Alone Alert and Hold Alert. She challenges children to identify dangerous scenarios so they can win their own safety shield.

The video is so positive and enjoyable, that kids have been known to watch it again and again, totally oblivious to the fact that they're learning from it! And it takes a huge burden off parents' back! After all, children live in a world of 'Big Bad Wolves' and 'Witches', and it's only us adults who know that there are real demons walking amongst us. But observe a child after watching Ms. P and her little friends talk about what to do in a potentially dangerous situation, and you'll see that even though they've got the message, they're unafraid, unthreatened and actually entertained. With Ms.P's help, teaching children about sexual abuse truly becomes a child's play.

Ms.P hangs out at HowToTellYourChild.Com and has friends from around the world. This is what a friend from Mexico had to say: "Thanks to your video we helped a little girl and her mom. She knows now that what her uncle did to her was not her fault. She is happy again. Thank you so much".