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Yves Kengen


Mr Yves Kengen is a journalist, particularly active in environment and transport topics.
He founded India Transport Portal in 2010, an independent and leading information hub on Indian Transportation which covers crucial issues India is facing: road construction, fuel savings, road safety, sustainable transportation.

He is also very passionate about music. He is the founder of ToMuSco, a personal non-profit initiative aiming to improve children’s education in Africa through Music Leaning.

The Urgent Need To Improve India's Fuel Economy

Greenhouse gas emissions--mostly in the form of carbon dioxide (CO₂)--are generated in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels to produce energy for activities such as electricity, heat or transport. C...
11/03/2016 12:33 PM IST
WIN-Initiative via Getty Images

Why India's Road Safety Initiatives Are Reaching A Dead-End

Road safety is a critical issue in India. The number of vehicles on its roads is rising, urban centres are congested, and motorway networks are expanding. However, the rules and regulations governing road safety date back to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 (MVA), which is outdated and poorly enforced. Then there is a general lack of awareness of basic traffic rules, absence of traffic signage and lights, and dangerous road conditions. Finally, neither passenger nor commercial vehicles come equipped with basic safety features.
15/02/2016 8:18 AM IST
Bengal at a glance via Getty Images

Need For Speed: Road Safety Reforms Could Save Lakhs Of Lives In India

There's no death of frightening reports on India's abysmal road safety record. The most recent is the WHO's "Global Road Safety Report 2015". Due in large part to lax or negligible enforcement of road safety laws, an estimated 207,551 people died in road accidents during 2014. Interestingly, the estimate provided by India's National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) was 141,526 during the same period. The trend is sobering: with the exception of a short downward blip in 2012, traffic fatalities in India have been rising consistently since 2007.
16/11/2015 8:16 AM IST