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Vikram Johri

Bangalore-based writer

Vikram Johri is a Bangalore-based writer.
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Yashwant Sinha's Intriguing Ire Towards The Modi Government

The Economic Times reported on 9 March that former finance minister and senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has been asked by the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi to help them finalize the state budget, due on 28 March. Sinha has accepted the offer. While in itself this is well and good, going by Sinha's recent statements, it is reasonable to assume that he has taken up the job to cock an unsubtle snook at the Modi government.
11/03/2016 12:29 PM IST
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In Surprise Success 'Sanam Re', Yami Gautam Shines For The First Time Since 'Vicky Donor'

Two films released on Friday, the much-hyped Katrina Kaif starrer Fitoor and the much less talked about Sanam Re. Yes, Sanam Re did get some pre-release news coverage because of the love affair between the main leads Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat, (which allegedly cost the latter his marriage), but it was not even a blip on the publicity blitzkrieg unleashed by the makers of Fitoor. So, guess which film did better at the box office? Yup, Sanam Re.
18/02/2016 3:36 AM IST
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'The Danish Girl': A Story Of Changing Gender And Unchanging Love [Film Review]

In The Danish Girl, which releases in India on Friday, painter Lili Elbe, born male as Einar Wegener, transitions to a woman. This is Copenhagen, right after the First World War, and there is no template for such behaviour. (The movie is inspired from the true story of the world's first transgender woman to undergo sex reassignment surgery, but beyond that basic premise, it is heavily fictionalised.)
15/01/2016 5:36 PM IST
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Have We Let Shashi Tharoor Erase Questions About His Past?

Tharoor has returned to the limelight even as his possible involvement in Sunanda Pushkar's death remains the elephant in the room. With his clipped accent and international career, his Stephanian status (one shared by Barkha Dutt and other leading journalists) and his polished demeanour, he gets access to the in-crowd that runs the capital's intellectual professions. Why, he is the in-crowd, and he has benefitted politically and socially from his position. This naturally influences how he is portrayed in the media, which in turn, shapes public opinion.
28/07/2015 8:14 AM IST

Why Bechdel's 'Fun Home' Deserves Every Accolade Coming Its Way

I finished the book on a lazy July morning in B-school, and I was so affected by its raw, blood-tinged beauty that I immediately shot off an email to Bechdel. I never heard from her but I was satisfied in the knowledge that I had made a connection, however intangible, with a writer whose own life had been defined, and saved, by such unspoken, intangible connections.
11/06/2015 8:09 AM IST