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Udit Bhatia

Doctoral candidate in political theory, University of Oxford

Udit Bhatia is a doctoral candidate in political theory at the University of Oxford, and is an alumnus of St Stephen’s College. He works on democratic theory and political representation.
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'Psoriasis In The Mind': What Valson Thampu's E-Mail Reveals About Disability Bias In Higher Education

A former associate professor in philosophy recently wrote an irreverent e-mail to Valson Thampu, principal of St Stephen's College, criticising him for converting the Gandhi Study Circle into the Gandhi-Ambedkar Study Circle. In response, the principal stated: "I always gave you a long, very long rope, because of your psoriasis. Out of pity. But your psoriasis has spread to your mind..." My first response was to write to the principal, asking him to take a stroll through hell.
16/10/2015 8:10 AM IST