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Swapan Seth

CEO of Equus

Swapan Seth is the CEO of Equus a company co-founded by him and Suhel Seth.
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Citizen Obama

Barack Obama came into the White House an ordinary man. He collected Spider-Man comics. Had done marijuana when he was younger. He smoked behind his wife's back. He played poker. Owned a pair of boxin...
11/01/2017 3:19 PM IST
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The Injustice Of It All: An Interview With Avirook Sen About His Book 'Aarushi'

Do we pay our policemen to bungle and malign? Do we pay for the CBI so that it can twist, manipulate and break laws to 'crack' cases? Are we paying our forensic scientists some kind of rent for their imagination? Do we pay our public prosecutor--remember that this is a crime against the state, so he represents each one of 'us' against the Talwars--to use the language of the gutter in the courtroom?
17/07/2015 4:54 PM IST
Swapan Seth

What It Was Like To Grow Up With Suhel Seth

The Suhel I grew up with was a guy who ensured I was friends with all his friends. Indeed, to this day, his favourite phrase, after "fuck off" is "Have you met my brother?" I was his little lamb that would follow him to proms, debates, festivals, and parties. I suspect I still am. Damn.
17/03/2015 8:14 AM IST