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Sruthijith KK

Editor-in-Chief, HuffPost India

Sruthijith KK is the editor-in-chief of HuffPost India.
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A Few Questions On Kashmir, If You Will Permit Us To Ask

If I am thus troubled, and say we must find a way to deal with Kashmir and its people with empathy and understanding, and better crowd control methods, and minimize the use of the pellet gun in the face of protests, as I would say if this were done in any other state that is an integral part of India, say Orissa or Bengal, Punjab or Gujarat, how do I suddenly become pro-Pakistan and a traitor?
29/07/2016 2:20 PM IST
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An Appeal For Reform In The Serving Of South Indian Filter Coffee

As far as simple joys of life goes, a good cup of south Indian filter coffee ranks pretty high up there for me. But every time a steaming cup arrives at my table at a restaurant, the hot liquid level with the rim of the steel tumbler and a foam crown topping it, it gets me thinking about how such a great culinary invention came to be paired with such poor design/user experience.
02/02/2016 11:30 AM IST