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Sriram Chadalavada


Sriram Chadalavada is an engineer who loves writing on technical, strategic topics as well as fiction. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science and is pursuing his Masters in Biomedical Innovation and Design from Johns Hopkins University. Blog name : voxsriram. He currently resides in Iowa with his wife.
Yuji Sakai

India Through The Eyes Of An Afghan Shia Intellectual

When the Indian government pursues foreign policy initiatives, it often difficult for the lay citizen to understand its human impact. Here's a real life example of how our neighbours look upon a democratic, strong and yet fairly liberal India reaching out to them. This conversation, which took place in a cab, gave me some interesting insights into how an Afghan Shia intellectual views India.
11/09/2016 6:59 AM IST
Kagenmi via Getty Images

What China And India Stand To Gain From Resolving Border Dispute For Good

India has more to gain by solving the vexatious border issue permanently on the basis of rational national interests rather than being tied to emotional sentiments of the past. This is not a reincarnation of naive notions of "Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai" but a pragmatic recognition of the reality of the advantages of having mutually beneficial relations with a currently strong and prosperous neighbor while remaining conscious of strategic considerations.
21/12/2015 8:09 AM IST