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Shuchi Singh Kalra

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Author of Done With Men. Freelance writer and editor. Owner, Pixie Dust Writing Studio. Blogs @
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Why Body Shaming Is A Form Of Abuse

Making people feel bad and less worthy, discriminating against them because their appearance doesn't meet the standards set by society and media, humiliating them in public over something they have no or little control over--if this does not count as abuse, what does? And why have we been ok with it for so long?
22/03/2016 8:19 AM IST
Igor Mojzes

Are We Going Overboard With This Period Thing?

Periods are natural, yes, but I wouldn't post pictures of blood-stained PJs to get people used to it, the same away I wouldn't post pictures of poop to explain gastric functions. Or of semen to tell people that masturbation is (also) natural. I could really go on here. The question is--where do we draw the line?
17/04/2015 7:59 AM IST