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Shitanshu Tyagi

A journalist, film maker, traveler and a photographer, Shitanshu believes every journey enriches the soul. He travels...sometimes with a plan, other times spontaneously, taking the road less traveled, being more than a mere tourist. His blogs are a reflection of his connection with the people and the places he has traveled to. His photographs tell stories of different lives in different parts of the world. Travel with him at
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A Climate Change Warning From 5 Years Ago: The Ladakh Floods Of 2010

August 6, 2010. It was around midnight when the clouds above Ladakh burst. Jolted from their sleep the men, women and children saw water gushing into their homes, taking with it all that came in its path. Three weeks later, I packed my bags with everything that I thought the people there would need and started on a journey that would change me. Today I want to share with you what a seemingly small 2 degree change in climate could do to thousands of lives.
09/12/2015 8:46 AM IST