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Shilpi Tewari

Delhi-based architect and a BJP volunteer

A Delhi-based Architect & Director for Creative Communications. Joined as a volunteer for BJP and was associated with Mrs. Smriti Irani.
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10 Reasons Why Shashi Tharoor Is Completely Wrong About Smriti Irani

I would like to thank Dr Shashi Tharoor for his recent article -- 'How Modi Government Is Undermining Indian Education'. Putting to use his years of experience, some of them spent in the MHRD, he has produced a set of figures in front of us that according to him illustrate the serious challenges that our education sector faces today. Unfortunately, the data and analyses presented by Dr Tharoor are riddled with serious factual errors and selective representations that lead to a flawed conclusion.
14/05/2015 6:53 PM IST