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Shantanu Sheorey

Photographer and TV commercial director

Shantanu Sheorey is best known for his strong visual style. For over three decades he has been creating some of the best remembered campaigns. Whether it was the original ‘Taste the Thunder’ campaign with Salman Khan, or ‘Only Vimal’ with Viv Richards, Ravi Shastri and Allan Border or the famous ‘Garden Vareli’ saree campaigns, first with Madhu Sapre and then with Aishwarya Rai, and more recently the ‘Dabangg 2’ movie posters, all of these have a stamp of his visual mastery.

He shoots stills and directs TV commercials for a vast array of products and clients, which make him an ideal person to mentor and teach photography and multimedia.

Shantanu has extensively photographed the Jaggnath Puri ‘Rath Yatra’ over a period of five years. He is now working towards publishing this collection as a coffee table book.
He is currently working on ‘Photography as Digital Art’, and is experimenting with various subjects and formats.
Shantanu has attended numerous photography and film workshops in the USA, and has conducted some in India as well.

He brings his passion and experience to you.