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Sangeeta Motiani

Research Assistant, NYU Neuroscience and Education Lab, NYU

Sangeeta Motiani graduated in Economics. She is passionate about cognitive development, which led her to work in schools and community centers in NewYork. She has worked in neurocognition, development psychology, learning theories and educational research at Columbia University, NYU and HBCSE, Mumbai. She is pursuing formal education in cognitive science.
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7 Ways In Which Digital Technology Is Shaping us

Digital technology can have profound effects on how we think and encode and communicate information. Instances like that of Nietzsche, whose writing style changed from arguments to aphorisms, from thoughts to puns, from rhetoric to telegram style because of the introduction of typewriters, show how new gadgets can have an effect on our thinking styles.
28/07/2016 11:32 AM IST
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50 Online Learning Tools That Will Keep The Kids Sharp All Summer

While you should not leave your kids alone with devices for hours at a stretch, neither is it correct to assume that all technology use will "fry their brains". With some involvement and intervention from you, you can use technology as a tool to not only engage your child but also nurture their curiosity and desire to learn. We've done some research for you and zeroed in on a list of 50 technology tools (all tried and tested by us) for your kids to explore this summer.
06/06/2016 8:40 AM IST