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Sambhav Ratnakar

Author of 'The Covert Perspective' | CEO #Woju

Author of 'The Covert Perspective'. Entrepreneur. Obsessed with making the impossible possible. Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Want to meet Mr. Billion?

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#DearTwitter, Stop Letting Vested Interests Misuse Lightcome via Getty Images

#DearTwitter, Stop Letting Vested Interests Misuse You

Today, Twitter is being used to play a dirty game, a game that is morally wrong. Fake accounts are produced, fake tweets are sent out in bulk, fake trends are fabricated. Twitter is used to create fake majorities, a use I'm sure you're well aware of, a use that makes the general public reconsider their own opinion; their own choices. This use or, well, misuse, takes place because you're allowing it.
26/05/2016 8:12 AM IST