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Safari Kid

International pre-school chain

Safari Kid is an international chain of pre-schools which is present across 30 locations in six countries namely USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai and India. With the basic premise that every child is different, Safari Kid places importance and care to the differential learning curve among children. It places emphasis on customization of learning through their unique curriculum and lessons which focuses on the learning growth of each child. Children who have attended Safari Kid, fare a grade higher than their peers and stand out as natural leaders in a group. Safari Kids are more creative problem solvers who demonstrate imagination and creativity than their peers and are able to communicate effectively with them and elders.

The First 5 Years Of Your Child’s Life Can Shape Their Destiny. Here’s What You Can Do

By the age of five, 90% of the brain’s capacity has already developed. A child's brain is more receptive to learning during the first five years of his life than at any other point in time. What’s most relevant here is that the brain is most plastic or flexible in the first five years of life. The more you exercise different areas of the brain in the early years of development, the more lasting an impact it will have on their learning ability.
09/08/2016 3:24 PM IST