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Rupande Mehta


Rupande is a writer passionate about women's right and equality. Her aim is to bring change in the way women and men are treated around the world and especially in India. You can follow her on Tumblr at via Getty Images

Two Rotis And A Penis: The Poisonous Truth About Kitchen Sexism

A few days ago I came across a picture on Facebook that compared rotis made by wives who had an arranged marriage versus those who had a love marriage. The arranged marriage wife's roti had the desired plumpness and looked quite delicious. It looked like something that comes out of my mom's kitchen. The love marriage roti, on the other hand, looked far from edible; burnt and flat. It was nothing like what most Indian men would expect when they sit down to dinner.
28/02/2016 8:24 AM IST

Charlie Hebdo And Making A Caricature Of Tragedy

This time, you took it too far, Charlie Hebdo. Your cartoons made me sick. They make me question where your sense of humour was when the two brothers stormed into your office and killed your colleagues? Where did the satire dissolve then? That incident was not funny. Nor is this one. A dead child is a stain on our souls. It is not something to caricature but is a grim reminder of what we failed to do for Alan Kurdi.
13/10/2015 1:48 PM IST

What The Saudi Diplomat Case And Khap Rape Order Have In Common

The past few days have seen a miasma of rape stories fill our newspapers and television screens -- first the Saudi diplomat booked for the gang rape of two Nepali women and then the glorious khap panchayat that allegedly ordered that two young women be raped in Baghpat, UP. Although the nature of the crimes in both cases is very different -- in the sense that one has occurred and the other has been threatened -- I cannot help but conclude that the end result will be the same...
21/09/2015 8:24 AM IST

What The Little Boy On The Beach Means To Me

When I saw the picture of the three-year-old lying on the beach, my heart froze. I have a three-year-old and like all parents who saw that picture, I saw my daughter face down on that beach. His prospects of a better life were cut off the moment he got on that boat that promised him a future. Wearing his shorts, socks and shoes before departing on his deadly journey, little did this boy know of the terrible future that awaited him.
12/09/2015 8:10 AM IST

What India's Super-Rich Can Learn From Their Western Counterparts

I would not question the Ambanis' fancy cars, flashing diamonds and 27-storey homes had they involved themselves with greater fervour in worthy causes. And by worthy causes, I do not mean the odd "charity gala" or throwing parties for Indian cricketers. Yes, the Reliance Foundation does do some good work, but is it enough?
10/07/2015 8:38 AM IST

Salman Case: Justice Suspended Is Justice Denied

It seems pretty black and white to me: Salman Khan committed a crime. There is no other way to see it. He is not being framed; neither is he being targeted for being such a noble soul. Had anyone else committed the crime, we would not bat an eyelid before declaring them guilty.
19/05/2015 6:12 PM IST

Can Women And Children Rescued From Boko Haram Ever Truly Be Free?

Women and girls who, in the past, have managed to escape the clutches of the Boko Haram have reported being subject to forced marriage, forced religious conversion, physical and psychological abuse, forced labour and even rape. Many of them could not even talk about their experiences for months after they escaped. Some of them are just beginning to open up about the atrocities they suffered and perhaps will have to spend a lifetime erasing the torture they sustained.
13/05/2015 8:14 AM IST
Digiart2001 jason.kuffer/Flickr

Priya Vedi Suicide: Why We Must Share The Blame

A doctor at a prestigious medical institution was compelled to kill herself after allegedly being harassed for dowry and being unable to bear that her husband was gay. In today's world, where there are a million resources - support organisations (for both LGBT and women), the internet, professional counselling and so much more - what propelled Priya to her untimely death? What sort of desperation drove her to not seek help but instead kill herself? Why did she not walk out of the marriage and seek a divorce?
24/04/2015 8:09 AM IST