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How Twitter Trolls Dishonoured Bhagat Singh To Attack Shashi Tharoor

In response to a question raised by a student during his JNU visit, Dr. Tharoor said that Kanhaiya had some things in common with Bhagat Singh, both being victims of the sedition law. Twitter trolls and critics, blind and deaf to established facts, did what they do best--shower abuse and spread misinformation. So, was this controversy in the name of Bhagat Singh a deliberate misinformation campaign aiming to kill two birds with one stone?
30/03/2016 8:15 AM IST
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How Intolerant Anupam Proved Salman Nizami Right

Anupam Kher is a good actor, and I have admired him in several films. Nonetheless, it was not surprising that questions were asked when he was conferred one of the highest honours of the land, the Padma Bhushan. One particularly well-worded critique was an open letter to Kher written by Salman Nizami, published in the Huffington Post. After reading Nizami's letter, one expected a humble, graceful, fatherly (Salman is his son's age) and mature response from Kher. That was not to be.
04/02/2016 8:16 AM IST