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Nikhil Pahwa

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Nikhil Pahwa is the founder and editor of

A Response To Airtel On Net Neutrality

Airtel sent us a statement explaining the rationale for its net neutrality violation, wherein it started differential rates for Internet Telephony (VoIP), as opposed to other Internet services. Airtel believes that what it is doing is right, so we decided to 'fisk' it's statement, backed by data...
27/12/2014 6:15 PM IST

How Indian Law Views Uber And Other Such Platforms

The recent Uber case, and the issue that we chased a few months ago about warranties on goods sold online, means that we need to zoom out a little and look at the role of platforms, marketplaces and aggregators, and what they are responsible, accountable and liable for.
09/12/2014 6:15 PM IST