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Mukesh Adhikary

Independent journalist

Mukesh Adhikary is an independent journalist based in Delhi. He worked with the BBC in the Delhi Bureau as a media analyst between 2010-2015. He is also a post graduate in English Literature from the University of Delhi.
Dwaipayan Majumdar

India Fashion Week: Sewing Machines And Artisans On The Ramp

It is unusual in fashion events, where models and designers hog the spotlight, for somebody like Ali and other artisans to draw all the attention. The credit for this goes to well-known Indian designer Rimzim Dadu who wanted the audience to meet the 'karigars' behind her latest collection. "There is an endless amount of time and effort that has gone into this season's collection. It would be unfair to not let the world know about the people who made it happen," Dadu said.
19/03/2016 8:32 AM IST