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Minal D’Rozario

Co-Founder and Director, Ideosphere Consulting

Minal D’Rozario is the Co-Founder & Director of Ideosphere Consulting, an insights based communication agency based out of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. After more than a decade in communication industry, she is a strong advocate of the power of insights in creating brand stories. Apart from being passionate about her work, her interests lies in creating a culture of ideas, progressive thinking and collaboration across the group.

Game Of Thrones Characters Who Failed Or Nailed Their PR

Ramsay Bolton is definitely the most hated character in all of Westeros -- arrogant, psychopathic and just plain dishonorable. He even makes Joffrey look good. Ramsay could definitely use better PR to make up for the fact that he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever...
08/07/2016 8:28 AM IST