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Manuraj Shunmugasundaram

Spokesperson of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

Author is a Spokesperson of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and an Advisor to Elected Political Representatives. Views are personal.
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Mission Tokyo 2020: Lessons For India From Ri

Now that the dust of Rio 2016 has settled, it is time to not only celebrate the successes of the Indian athletes but, more importantly, to start working towards Tokyo 2020. If the government, sports administrators and the rest of us can take on board certain lessons from Rio, we can aim to make our presence felt at the next Olympic Games.
22/08/2016 12:53 PM IST
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Bad Governance Most Foul: Lessons From The Murder Of Chennai Techie

In the past week, the media coverage has relentlessly focused on the safety of women in Tamil Nadu. The city of Chennai, which has long prided itself as a safe place for women, finds itself at a crossroads. At least six women have been murdered across the city under very different circumstances. This has raised questions about women's safety, cyber crimes and most importantly, governance and political leadership.
05/07/2016 8:38 AM IST

Self-Respect Weddings: A Feminist, Egalitarian Legacy From 75 Years Ago

When DMK leader MK-Stalin met an aging Sampoornam in her cramped house last year, they spoke about her wedding which took place 75 years ago. This was no ordinary wedding ceremony. In fact, what was special was that there was no ceremony at all. It happened to be the first recognised Suyamariyathai (self-respect) marriage presided over by former chief minister and DMK leader CN Annadurai (Anna). Sampoornam passed away last week, but she leaves a legacy of social reform in marriage.
22/01/2016 8:23 AM IST
Manuraj Shunmugasundaram

Speaking Without Sedition: A Solution

On 30 October, the government of Tamil Nadu sent plainclothes policemen to arrest a folk artiste from his house around 2am. His crime: singing songs and organising street plays criticising the government's policy on sale of alcohol. Charged with sedition, folk artiste Kovan joins a long list of cases such as Aseem Trivedi and Senthil Mallar. The State's fondness for slapping sedition charges is evident from these cases. But, there is a larger academic question around the fine line separating freedom of speech and the State's powers to restrict it.
06/11/2015 8:19 AM IST

No Work, No Pay For MPs? Will Government Show The Way?

When the Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation "suggested" that Parliamentarians should have their pay docked for disrupting Parliament, it received widespread media attention. But there is a larger question of double-speak here: If salaries or allowances of opposition Parliamentarians can be withheld for not productively contributing to Parliament, then should not the same principle be applied to ministers of the Cabinet?
10/08/2015 8:16 AM IST
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Why the NJAC Case Is Critical For India's Future

There was no doubt among lawyers that, during the NJAC arguments, Courtroom Number 4 was the most crowded place in Lutyens Delhi. Law students, like me, hustled for an empty spot just to be able to hear some of the best legal minds in the country delve in to the nuances of the Constitution, like never before. The massive interest in this case stems from its potential to shake the foundations of our judicial system.
21/07/2015 8:11 AM IST