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Based in Mumbai, Luxurylaunches is an award winning, veritable luxury lifestyle website that has been curating and writing about the finer things in life for close to a decade. Featuring the best in Art, Gastronomy, Gadgets, Travel, Fashion, Fittings, Watches and Cars, Luxurylaunches is the one-stop destination for the affluent Indian.

A Scintillating 48 Hours With The Jaguar F Type Coupe R In Mumbai

Once inside the car I noticed that it is extremely easy to drive even in peak Mumbai traffic, but the throaty idleness of the engine made me realize that this car in the traffic is like an agile wild cat in the confinement of a zoo - there is no shortage of attention that this car gets... but it needs to run free.
16/09/2015 8:24 AM IST