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Kavi Bhansali

New Media Consultant

Kavi Bhansali is a documentary and editorial photographer and video producer. He is also partner at Oijo, a new media company that created The Big Indian Picture, a magazine of cinema and culture, and runs BalconyTV, a music platform, in India.
Kavi Bhansali

PICTURES: The Jaipur Literature Festival Went To London And It Looked Real Pretty

Jaipur Literature Festival has become an annual pilgrimage for writers and journalists in India. The greatest literary show on earth came to London's iconic Southbank Centre last weekend offering a two day window to what makes JLF unmissable. The London edition had the intimacy that Jaipur has lost due to increasing crowds every year. These pictures are a report from the festival and attempt to capture its mood and highlights.
20/05/2015 6:54 PM IST
Kavi Bhansali

Photoblog: The Colours Of Democracy

The purpose of this project is to capture not just prominent politicians or events but also the smaller details that are no less extraordinary. Such as a Modi lookalike who prays to him at a make-shift altar, an AAP supporting auto rickshaw driver with a 'Kejriwal muffler' or a poster by the Communist Ghadar Party where you might least expect it.
12/02/2015 8:09 AM IST