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Jyoti Kumari

Writer, Co-Founder at FlowInk Pictures

The author is one of the Co-Founders at FlowInk Pictures, a video production company. When she isn't bragging about the latest thing she has read or watched, she can be spotted romancing with her old love for food and travel. 

The Viral Fever

3 Reasons Why TVF Pitchers Is An Affront To Indian Values, Entertainment

I don't get the growing craze for TVF Pitchers, a web series brought out by The Viral Fever which traces the adventures of a group of Indian entrepreneurs. If it can't be banned for its obvious derision of Indian ethos and cultural values, it should at least be censored appropriately. After all, the web series openly talks about premarital sex, live-in relationships, shows a bahu arguing with her father-in-law...
24/09/2015 8:18 AM IST
Dharma Productions/YouTube

Why 'Bahubali' Is Not As Sexist As The Critics Seem To Think

Critics lambasted SS Rajamouli's magnum opus Bahubali: The Beginning for leaving no space for female characters to develop, and held it as an example to show how Telugu cinema is stuck in a medieval past. "Masculinity-porn", "sexist" and "testosterone-heavy epic" were some of the phrases used to describe the film. While I think deconstructing gendered representations in films is something to encourage, these readings are nowhere close to my experience of the Bahubali.
06/08/2015 8:19 AM IST