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Iffat Nawaz

Freelance writer

Iffat Nawaz is a freelance writer and currently working on her first novel.

Photos: South Asian Photographers Are Crossing More Boundaries Than Ever In Their Path To Self-Actualization

For long, art, including photography, in South Asian countries revolved around defining the identity of the nation. With a history of colonization, and the struggle to resist assigned stereotypes, national identity remains a significant subject of interest. However, nationalism is not the only inspiration, and neither is the collective sense of belonging. There is also a very important space for individualism in art, and today South Asian educational institutions are playing an important role in nurturing an artist’s unique perspective.
18/08/2016 3:53 PM IST
Alok Mitra

No Man's Land: The Future Of Art In South Asia

Looking from the outside, I believe artists for generations have been living in a no-man's land -- the work of Bangladesh's Sultan preserved in Pakistan, Indian-born Satyajit's dialogues in the mouths of Bangladeshi children... The chain of events, the promoting hands, and the artists finding space, metaphorically or physically, where art can flourish, all that to me takes place in no-man's land, without mental or physical borders.
15/12/2015 8:10 AM IST