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Fahad Hashmi

Independent researcher and writer

Fahad Hashmi did his MA in Sociology. Later he moved to Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics (DU) from where he got an M.Phil on Islamism. He regularly writes on political Islam, issues of minorities, and other issues of political and social concerns.
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There's Nothing Inherently Un-Islamic About Changing Muslim Personal Law

As soon as a reform to Muslim Personal Law is suggested, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board takes it upon itself to launch a campaign to 'enlighten' the masses in this regard and resist any attempt at alteration--even if the change is slight and within the bounds of Islamic jurisprudence. This stance by the 'religious elites' naturally sends a ripple in the Muslim community, especially when it is portrayed as an intervention in the 'sacred' realm of personal law.
14/04/2016 8:03 AM IST