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Diya Sethi


'Diya Sethi, 41, currently lives and works in New Delhi, India, in the capacity of a free lance consultant chef. She also writes on gastronomy for online food forums and has recently published her first non-fiction work, a memoir titled, The Addict, A Life Recovered - on her struggle with anorexia-bulimia, while she travelled the globe as the daughter of a diplomat, and her unconventional recovery that challenges the tenets of conventional rehabilitation.'
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A Crisis Of Identity: How I Went From The Prison Of Addiction To The Prison Of 'Recovery'

I found solace in the world of addiction, primarily an addiction known as anorexia-bulimia -- a world in which I was able to suffocate the sense of shame and anaesthetise my loneliness and pain. Suddenly I had a new identity: I was an addict -- a label that effected a set of beliefs about myself by which I was shackled for the next 13 years of my life. In my frenzied search for an identity I had stumbled into one which held me prisoner.
10/10/2015 8:20 AM IST